Mistakes to Avoid While Applying For the Canada Immigration

The economy of Canada is increasing gradually. Soon, it is to become one of the largest progressive nations. Due to the expanding economy, the future scope in Canada is rising as well. Moreover, Canada accepts immigration at a larger rate. But, unless you hire the best immigration consultant in India, the task of getting immigration can be tough. 

Errors to avoid

Sometimes the rejection you get after applying for the immigration is not always because of the folly of the agent. Few errors or mistakes that you do while the verification procedure runs can be a reason. The immigration consultants in Nehru place are trustworthy enough and guide you perfectly to get the immigration trouble-freely. Check out the errors and fix them out-

  1. Provide your signature carefully

A slightly wrong in your signature can lead your immigration application to a risk zone. Your application can get rejected and you may face troubles while applying again in future. Thus, make sure to keep in mind of writing your signature as it is in your identity proof. 

  • Attach your photo as they mention

Attaching photo in the wrong dimension can again indulge you in the risk of rejection. The IRCC or the Refugees and Citizenship Canada ask you to follow the guideline strictly. It is obvious of you being unaware of the rules about the migration. Hence, opt to select the most ideal immigration consultant in India to explain all the rules and guidelines in detailed.

  • Be quick in submitting your documents

Prefer to submit all the necessary documents as early as possible. Any late submission may result in rejection. So, ensure to submit the immigration document within the deadline.

  • Avoid handwritten applications

Handwritten applications are highly possible to get rejected. It is because the software of Adobe reader is approved to check the applications. As the software can’t read tor handwritten application, your claim becomes illegible.

  • Pay the fees cautiously

One of the most reported reasons for a rejected application in Canada migration is incorrect fees payment. Wrong payment of your program can leave some downsides on your selection.

The above-mentioned are the few most basic errors undertaken by the applicants.

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